Why I DISAGREE with ANTI U.S. Comments

By Wajih Mashadi, US Citizen

Reading an interesting article published by Ms. Zeba Khan in 2007 (http://7ibr.wordpress.com/2007/12/07/15/) which dates back to her initial remarks over the internet going as far back to 2003 or earlier, it is interesting to learn about the negatives held by her and to look deeper as to why she holds no small positives about her life in the US prior to her “exile” in Pakistan. It is fair to have a two sided view of every situation.

Why Pakistan? 

The initial ponder that comes to mind, Why Pakistan? As far as nationality goes, you are a US born citizen, raised, and educated in the US motherland. Or did you hold dual nationality and never accepted yourself as a full US national? Were you raised making statements like, “the Americans and the Pakistanis are invited….”  Most Pakistani or Indian folks call the white and black neighbors/friends/co-workers as Americans and disassociate themselves as Americans. American is not a race, but citizens of the USA.

Gora Urdu?

There are many countries that follow Islam, and support Islamic causes than PAKISTAN. I did find your introduction strongly point out that you were pretty Americanized growing up to have a strong gora Urdu accent. Mosquitoes……..no one is immune to them!  So you are no one special. Living in Chicago, the street vendors communicate in Hindi and Urdu, e.g. Devon Avenue, gas stations, malls, even taxi drivers. Then again, you must not have been raised in a home where your parents spoke Urdu, or they spoke in English at home rather than hold up the bilingual atmosphere.

Blue Passport?

Talking about the blue passport. If I recall, between nineteen ninety-five to year two-thousand, the US passport was changed from Blue to Green. After many complaints about the color closeness to the Pakista ni passport, the color was changed back to the Royal dark blue color.

Dress code? 

I found numerous mentions of the obscenity in the USA. No doubt the US is an open society where an Islamic dress code is not what most residents of the country dress in, it should not be forgotten than a good 50-60 years ago none of such exhibition was permitted or welcomed. Why label the US only? A few European countries do not find it odd to have sex in a public place where a passerby look the other way to give the indulgers some privacy!

Not unless pigs fly, hell freezes over, and the Cubs win the World Series, all on the same day. I am Never Returning Back?

The biggest difference between Ms. Khan who has an option to remove herself from the US, and will be welcomed by any country in the world as she holds a blue passport, can easily come back into the US at her will (or tail between her legs),while an average Pakistanis she meets who question her at parties whether she will ever return to the USA, has to go through hundreds of hurdles and still has a 90% chance for US Visa rejection. Travel is a fantasy and a pleasure that every individual dreams of making one day. The media reflect the USA as a heaven on earth, and for many a land of opportunities where they can work and support their family in a halal way. How many Americans need to have a Minister or a politcal figure to get a job or get a simple chore completed?

Alcohol consumption?

Alcohol consumption is an individuals choice. I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or indulge in acts which are Islamically unacceptable. Do you think that imposing Sharia will abolish such acts? Have they prevented such acts from many Muslim countries? Wrong-doers will do what they please. If wrong was not created, then Allah should get rid of Iblees. Wouldn’t that guarantee all of us to go to heaven, believe in the same Creator, and not commit sins in our lives. Or did you fail in the test of preventing yourself from committing mighty sins and fell prey to the indulgence of the western “fahash” behavior and now find ridiculing the USA as a shield to avoid being questioned. I hope it is not a coverup!

On-Campus crimes?

I have attended a couple of US universities and I agree that 90% of all on-campus rape cases are linked to alcohol and approximately 240,000 to 360,000 of the nation’s 12 million current undergraduates will ultimately die from alcohol-related causes. There is no justification for rape committed on any man or woman, except sympathy for the victims who fell prey due to their own idiotic choices, or many who got attacked on campus without any provoking. Out of the ones who fell prey due to their idiotic choices, alcohol or drug use made them vulnerable to become victims, or their presence in an unsafe location which enabled them to be victimized. America does have a high crime rate even though laws are strong to prevent them. What about Pakistan, your country of choice? Going to the masjid, work or a drive around the city can get you killed. How do you prevent to stay safe? Obviously you stay out of areas where you feel you can fall prey and avoid socializing with people who have the “wrong” background.

Creating relationships?

Do you think rapes do not happen in Muslim countries, or illicit affairs, or assaults due to the color of your skin, your race, provincial background, or financial background. In a MTV sort of environment thriving globally, sex is no longer a taboo. Muslim role models are practicing “live-in” relationships, media shows profanity, and illegitimate children are being produced with no cover-up or secrecy. So why do you blame the USA for handing out condoms. In college, condoms were distributed like candies. If you were handed one, you tossed it away as your did know that you had no need for one. STD is known in Muslim countries. Why is it there? Obviously that does not need any explanation. Whether you live in the US or elsewhere, if you try to conquer territories that are not legal, there are consequences to pay. Pregnancy, Tiger Wood effect, or Jesse James outcome. I had one older gentleman argue that there is no alcohol consumption, illegal sex trade or premarital involvements, or better yet, no homosexuality practices in Pakistan by Muslims. All who are doing it are Hindus or Christians. Only the Kuffar! I think you are blind if you believe that all Muslims are innocent of such behavior!

Accepting homosexuality?

Nether the Quran, Torah, or Injeel  propagate premarital behavior, or homosexuality. If you as an individual can accept it, then why blame America? What is worst than so-called Muslim country like Pakistan allowing Begum Nawazish, a renowned cross-dresser and self-claimed homosexual, on national TV to be interviewing politicians, and entertainment individuals while dressed up as a woman? How insane is that? Oh! I forgot, the Muslims there are expression freedom of speech. So why do you label the US only? What about European nations, or even our heavily populated by Muslim nations in the far-east Asia.

Right from wrong?

If you were unfortunate to grow up in a home where religion was not practiced or spoken about as all was left for the Sunday Islamic school, then it is very understandable why you lacked many principles and beliefs of Islam. If you were given pot to smoke, would you smoke it, or would you use your brain to avoid the company and go the other direction. Being gay, lesbians in your vicinity or deviated action are individual acts bu only those individuals. Everyone knows what is moral as outlined by your religious belief, up-bringing, Haraam and Halal. Will you slap or misbehave with an older member of your family or circle of acquaintances if they were sitting drinking alcohol? You know it is Haraam. You can voice your thoughts, and walk away and not approve of their actions. Do you just knowingly eat pork just because it is on a platter, or you try finding an Islamic restaurant or meal instead? The media has been repeatedly saying that pork is now clean and animals are kept sanitized. Living here your first chapter of  life, how did you conclude about avoiding that choice? I have friends of many faiths, and no one feels that it is just “okay” to be gay. Don’t keep a gay friend or acquaintance, or if it is your boss at work, you do not need to participate in their outside work life. Yes, if they are being “gay” on you….you can voice out your thoughts.

Oh, by-the-way, read this article. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/articles/2005-797.html/ It will help you understand how a Muslim nation of your migration choice had rejoiced this rarely spoken topic

NGO’s role?

Talking about promiscuous individuals who find easy access to birth controls on campus at high schools and colleges, how does Mr. Abdus Sattar Edhi place hundreds of new-born babies in adoption who are left in dumpsters, in the cradle in front of the center, or dropped off at the back-door besides the many poor orphaned children that are found on the streets? Are you living in denial? Who ever wants to commit to an act will do so, whether you are black, white, brown or yellow. So why just America? I hope you never blew a condom as a party balloon or used it as a chewing gum as you did not know that it was a birth control passed out in school. Pre-marital sex is forbidden according to Islam. Many Pakistani women wear fashionable shalwar suits that fall in a haraam category and exhibit semi-nudity. Muslim dress codes in many Muslim country follow fashion. Why, do they do that even though they could be praying five times a day? Oh, it is cool looking and come on, it is okay. Who is looking whether Islam allows it or not? People who indulge in immorality do such actions by reasoning out as to why they drink, have illegitimate associations or dress semi nude. Same happens in the USA. Not every white person is a porn star, and not every black man has a 10 inch penis.

Bay-Sharam Place?

Ms. Zeba Khan’s article is drowned with her strong repulsion to her Chicago school that was full of beer-drinking, pot-smoking, hormonally charged orgy where young girls and boys play merry-go-round with their sexual partners. I am not sure which neighborhood in Chicago she resided, but it sure sounds like the white-trash low-income neighborhood where no one knew the true father of children, and everyone  living off the welfare check to make ends meet. Yes America does have such trash as well, and not far from downtown Chicago. People in Pakistan enjoy the Jerry Springer Show, so amazinly Ms. Zeba Khan knew them all closely.

Religion is a private affair?

Come-on, please do not try to convince me that religion is not your private affair. Are you in favor of making it a public responsibility? Why is it that many Muslims around the world disagree with laws of Saudi Arabia who mandate Islamic laws on people whether they believe in them or not. If you are a person who does not believe in wearing a hijab, I am sure you would be speaking your mind stating that when you feel it is time, you will do it. Or that you are dressed modestly and have your own summary of the Quran and Hadith to justify yourself. Muslims pick and choice from the Quran and Hadith inventing their own faith so that they can enjoy either their alcoholic beverage, the colorful eye towards a man or woman they lust, or even in daily dress-codes.

Darwin’s belief?

Please review the history text books for students of Karachi Grammar School for class 7 and 8. You will learn that even if a grammarian holds a placard in class to object learning the evolution of man according to Darwin, it will only earn a nice “F” for that subject. That same text is used in almost all schools.  Oh, I forgot, they do teach Islamiat, and the teacher teaching the Darwin theory class is not a Jew, Christian, or Hindu, but your very own Muslim teacher. Oh, blame the British to ;eave their schools behind. Bravo……..then why America? Why should they stay behind teaching the same subject and being labeled immoral or anti-religion?

Dr. P. Lancki’s views?

Is this a Christian doctor who did attend the USA educational system, and still portrays a belief that there is more to evolution than what science talks about in their text? Dr. P. Lancki believes in God and the miracles that He has bestowed on mankind. Just because Dr. P. Lancki’s co-worker thinks that God died with the dinosaurs, does not mean that Dr. P. Lancki believes in the co-worker’s opinion. Where is all those talk about orgies and condoms I heard about the white man? What schooling system did Dr. P. Lancki attend that God was still not brainwashed out of the belief?

No accountability by God?

I read an article by a famous Pakistani human-rights activist Mr. Ansar Burney, who told about a rapist who justified his rape as the victim girl came out in to the balcony of her home with out a dupatta. So she had to be a prostitute, so this death defying moment made the rapist believe that she was asking to be raped. He just had to climbed over the walls of her home to enforce the Almighty’s law that women should covered. Presidents of nations have used God to do what they pleased, like the last “crusader” and act like a sociopath genocide murderer, or some people around the globe claiming homesexuality or bisexuality preferences, be a pedophile, and finally blame God for all their actions and oddities.

People of position?

Muslim countries are not too far away as reflective of Begum Nawazish that people of position will not find it odd to display publically what they indulge behind closed doors. Your Muslims leaders hang out publically with their Johnny Walker in hand, post “You-Tube” videos of them-selves making out with “white” girls (ah, those whores), or the present Prime Mister grabbing the breasts of the ex-Minister Ms. Sherry Rahman during a public rally. Poor saints…and it is all USA’s fault!

Filth everywhere?

Last I checked you have to subscribe to cable to see filth. To get brainwashed, you have to indulge in the purchase, and visit places that openly display profanity, and the want to induge to become involved. You always have a choice to live in a good neighborhood. No one wants to raise their children in a sewer. What are you doing all day as the regiment you mentioned did not include Salat and Quran? How do you expect to learn to remember Allah and practice Islam if you do not practice at home? You speak only of soccer practices, school, dinner and breakfast. Looks like that was all that was done during those terrible years in the USA.

Al-Fateha Group

I have attended school in the US, live here, and work in this country. I travel around the country, yet never heard of this organization. In fact this organization has never popped up on any of my Google searches either when looking up Islam, Muslims, or social groups. If this group mentioned is a gay Muslim-organization, then you really have to be a Muslim-gay to know about it. If you are straight, it beats me how much you know about them and their portfolio. You are what you want to become. No one makes you! Sad for all those Ricki Martin fans now that the world knows that those hips moved in the direction of men, and not the women.

Karachi-New York Comparison?

How do you play cricket in the darkness when the light goes out as mentioned by you in your article? Chupan Chupai is nice, but is it safe with all those terrible things happening? It is a good point you have made how a common New Yorker could become or more so, some criminal minded Americans might take advantage of electric failure by making a loot. Our Muslim leaders don’t need the lights to go out to loot a nation. Isn’t Asif Ali Zardari and all his companions now among the richest Pakistanis in the world? I thought people in that role need to be a good role model. He did not need load-shedding!

Supporting Israel?

Question? Where do most of the rich Muslim countries keep their money? Answer, US banks. Not only do they keep the money, they also hold major stake in the ownership share. These institutions that hold the money support what countries? So in other words, us Muslims are supporting all the terrors that happen in Palestine, so why USA? Your folks who gave birth to you, and raised you working or on welfare food-stamps, contributed heavily in this controversy. I strongly hate what is happening in Palestine and I hope that this crime against them stops, but who is to blame, except ourselves. Will it break our backs to have an Islamic consortium that helps Muslims and Islamic countries? Do we as Muslims have to invest with the “infidels”, the term usually used by many slogan holding Muslims? So who is taking advantage of a system built on the backs of third-world countries and dead Muslims?

 Hypocrisy in us?

“english speaking Desi who is repulsed by ’backwards’ notions of religion, and sends your children to get a good education at a Catholic school, is to be the perfectly assimilated, perfectly absorbed hypocrite.” You define the values of all the Grammar Schools, City Schools, Beacon House, etc. very well. Why is Islamia College, and many institutions going backwards, rather than being funded, given donations, assisted by rich businessmen in a Muslim country to provide quality education so that the nation can be built, rather than further broken and induced in western practices? Do not forget, you were an English speaking desi not long ago. If you have found the truth and answer, then you should assimulate a team among your companions to make ammends in the “english speaking desi” population, or have you left all that for the burkha clad army of Dr. Farhat Hashmi?  

 Wolf-education seekers?

Having the opportunity to live in the west has opened your eyes to an environment that is slowly going south with loads of unethical values that morals do not permit. It is easier to condemn people and nations rather than work to improve yourself and society. It is the easy way out. Finding faults in people who choose to live in a nation that today you are repulsed by, is a short-cut to exit from a situation. You did get an education in the US. The US is the country that you grew-up and walked the streets while watching those shinny sky-scrappers on the clean streets. It is that same repulsive environment you had around you that has taught you right from wrong. A nation is reflected by their citizens. The general environment in the USA is not what Islam believes in, but Islam also teaches not to hurt others and walk away from situations that do not agree with you.

Allah sent a good message to mankind when Prophet Muhammad (S.A) experienced hardships by the non-believers:
Say, “O disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.” [Surah Kafiroon]


In summary, I hope you never make the mistake of returning back to the US. I believe you made the right choice to go into exile to Pakistan where the laws, environment, and Islamic practices will make you a better Muslima and you can continue to spread hatred against the people of USA, whether good or bad. Just because your life sucked, does not mean it does for everyone. This is a free world, and just like your belief in freedom of speech and opinion to post such an angry hate filled post numerous times on the web in the last seven years, there are people who practices all wrong-doings do them as they believe it is a free world and they can do what they please without anyone being their policeman.

There are puddles of dirt everywhere. You just have to find the way around them to stay clean and safe. That is what Allah Almighty has asked His men. Life in “Amreeka” is a test of faith.

(Note: Ms. Zeba Khan. I have no ill-feelings towards your views. I took your article as a good debatable subject to counter your views of the live in the USA. I have no intention to portray rudeness or ridicule towards you, your background or your thoughts. Not only is it well-written, you bring up a lot of negatives that hurt a Muslim and their living in America with fears of going astray.)


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